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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Michael Birchmore - Elite Triathlete Feedback

I have recently teamed up with Jonno and VIVOBAREFOOT to help improve my running technique to help slash times and more importantly help keep me injury free. 

It all started with a one-to-one video analysis of my running in my current shoes on a treadmill with Jonno, and from there he showed me my technique on his laptop pointing out good and bad points. We then re-filmed me running but this time barefoot, he pointed out how much better my technique was now I was stripped away of all the support in the shoes, which originally I thought were helping, but were actually making my posture bad. 

He broke everything down to simple terms and went through the history of running which was both informative and interesting. He then showed me drills to help improve my running which I still incorporate into my training.

I must admit that I was very nervous at first about changing my running style after all these years, but after hearing all the information from Jonno it makes so much sense. 

VIVOBAREFOOT have been so great, they've currently set me up with some casual shoes, which are so comfortable. These will help my calves and achilles adjust to not having that support. They have also set me up with Aqua Lites and Evo's which I am currently trying to switch to as my main running shoe. I'm still racing in other flats at the moment, but come the end of 2012/start of 2013 season I hope to be a full time VIVOBAREFOOT runner. 

This concept of running is going to grow and grow and soon we will all be running the way we were born to.... Barefoot. 

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