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Barefoot Coaching Clinic

A one-on-one session with the 'Barefoot Running Coach' includes the following:
- Video analysis of current running technique in current running shoes
- Thorough understanding of the natural human walking and running biomechanics and how we were designed to move
- Barefoot technique drills to improve posture, rhythm and relaxation
- Use of golf ball & foam rollers to loosen up and relax the body's fascia and thus aid correct postural alignment and optimum relaxation
- Coaching and video analysis of your new barefoot running technique
- Before and after video clips
- Advice on Barefoot Running and Lifestyle Shoes
- No more replacing your cushioned trainers every few hundred miles because the cushioning has worn out
- No more frustration over wasted time lost to jogging injuries
- Less to zero costs for injury treatments and orthotics  
- The prospect of a lifetime of enjoyable and injury free running!
- One-on-one clinic - $150 pp
- 1hr follow up technique sessions - $60
- Group clinics also available - $75 pp for 5 people
(Prices in NZ$.)

Running is a skill and much like other skill sports, lessons are required to learn how to perfect the skill in a shorter period of time with less likelihood of injuries and without the frustration of trial and error.

Imagine trying to teach yourself golf, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, surfing, paddleboarding etc - or maybe you don't have to imagine! Having a lesson at the outset gives you the essential skills to take forward to the next level - and becoming accomplished at your chosen sport.

Running is no different.

Pre 1970's running was a sport and athletes trained hard to perfect the skill to achieve great results on the track. They had great technique and they ran in 'spikes' - essentially a barefoot shoe!

With the arrival of the fitness industry (ironically around the same time as McDonalds, hundreds of TV channels, computers etc) came the cushioned running shoe. Health and fitness was deteriorating at an alarming rate and running became a mainstream pastime. Unfortunately putting on a pair of cushioned running shoes having not run since childhood can only produce one thing - a jogger!

Now the world is full of injured and overweight joggers, putting in many miles each week in an effort to shed the pounds. Strange thing is that the pounds don't move and the injuries increase.

Not strange at all once you understand that jogging is simply a fast form of walking which will not burn many calories as walking is extremely metabolically efficient. Jogging is also extremely injurious due to the large ground reaction forces acting on the knees and hips and then ricocheting up the back. That's because joggers heelstrike which is a walking action...runners are forefoot and midfoot strikers.

Want to look like a runner? Then you have to RUN like a runner. Runners are lean thanks to a fast metabolic rate. That's the rate at which they burn calories - and they'll still burn calories fast while sitting on the couch watching TV - not that runners probably watch a lot of TV! Runners have a biomechanically efficient gait and have far less injuries than heelstriking joggers.

So, in a nutshell, if you are thinking of starting running as a way to get fit or perhaps you have been running for years and have suffered injuries and minimal fitness gains, the best thing you can do is to have your running technique analysed and corrected.

Remember that correcting your running technique needs to be viewed as a gradual process - your body has probably been used to many years of running incorrectly and now views this as the norm. Running correctly will use muscles, tendons and ligaments that you didn't know existed - retrain them slowly to avoid injuries and to maximise efficiency and enjoyment!

To invest in your running and lifestyle future please contact the BRC for further details. 

Groups sessions also available.