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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Barefoot Health and Safety

As a barefoot running coach and an advocate of a healthy barefoot lifestyle, it's always difficult when the old health and safety issue rears it's oddly shaped head.

But strangely ironic to be told that I can't be barefoot unless actually case something falls off a shelf and lands on my foot, actually breaking it in the process. Or worse still I might stand on a nail. I guess some light canvas shoes would protect my foot in the case of a heavy weight dropping from a height? No, didn't think so.

At least I have to admit that a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes with their patented puncture resistant sole would hopefully save my poor foot from a sharp nail which I so often encounter on my travels. Next it'll be hyper dermic needles at every bus stop.

The trouble is that now I have been made aware of the possibility of heavy objects falling out of the sky and sharp, dangerous protrusions lurking at every turn, I am really very concerned about my other extremities.

I seriously think I should be wearing a safety helmet at all times, safety glasses (never know, a window might smash) and a pair of kevlar safety gloves to avoid cutting my hands on razors.

Gloves will also prevent the daily risk of catching diseases when I shake the hands of random customers.

There you go VIVOBAREFOOT, there's definitely a market for industrial steel toe-capped barefoot boots - or maybe a fully body barefoot suit...built to withstand a nuclear attack of course!

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Do you have a Running Injury?

Or want to Improve Performance & Technique?


1 Day Workshops 9.30-5pm

Dates: March 27th April 10th May 15th June 12th July 10th Aug 14th

Location: Truro - Advance Booking ONLY


Video Gait Analysis

Running Technique Coaching

Barefoot Biomechanics

Posture Analysis

Fascial Release

Injury Assessment

Inner Core Work

Self-Treatment Techniques

Rehabilitation Planning

Jonno Gibbins

Certified barefoot running coach, personal trainer and an experienced barefoot runner and triathlete.


Leah Katia

10 years experience specialising in injury treatment and rehabilitation and is a barefoot runner and triathlete.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Vagabond Princess Goes Barefoot

Review of a recent Coaching Clinic with Samantha Emanuel, the Vagabond Princess:

Barefoot Coaching

March 14th, 2012

I have had a love hate relationship with running (or trotting as I preferred to call it). I know cardio is good for me. I know my dog loves to head out around the valley in the morning, but it hurt. It hurt my shins, so I changed my shoes. It hurt my calves so I ran less…. Being a professional dancer I was paranoid about the potential knee problems associated with running but I wanted to get OUTSIDE. Me and the hound. Trouble was I had no idea how to do it right.

Then I read Born to Run (thank you Lauren Boldt) It made sense. THAT had to be the way forward: by going back…back to how we ran before running shoes came along and cushioned our feet into forgetting how to work. So I got all excited and bought some barefoot style shoes and set about teaching myself based on books, youtube and here say. Needless to say I have been suffering calf strain and other minor problems ever since. Until TODAY.

I went HERE for a one to one with Triathlete Jonno Gibbins, and found the session invaluable. After drills followed by technical tweaks related to posture, rhythm and relaxation while running on the treadmill, my stance felt very different. I found key muscles I had not been utilizing and felt no calf strain. As a dancer I found Jonno’s knowledge of the foot especially interesting, so many nerve endings dulled by binding our feet in shoes every day. Thank goodness I dance barefoot. The fact I work barefoot most of the day means the transition to the new thin soled running shoes will be so much easier.

I threw my old runners in the bin and invested in a new pair of VIVOS (non sweat shop made)

I advise you do the same but n0t without speaking to an expert like Jonno first. I hope this post will save you time/injury by suggesting you get yourself to a Vivo Barefoot Certified Coach, invest a couple of hours and learn the TECHNIQUE behind the phenomena.

I know its going to take me a while to develop the new technique but I know already its going to make the daily trot something to look forward to rather than endure.

You can find Jonno on Twitter: @barefootcoach and on Facebook: RAW Fitness Concepts

“Running is a skill. Technique is everything” vivobarefoot

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Friday, 9 March 2012




Details: Price £35 each, GROUP LIMITED TO FIVE SO BOOK SOON!

Info: Learn the skill of barefoot running for efficient technique and injury prevention.

See Barefoot Clinic page for full details or call Jonno on 07972 232797

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's not over 'till the fat boy slims...

...and even then it's still not over!

I have recently had the pleasure of coaching Greg Hunt, a man on a mission to complete an iron man and in the process lose a whole heap of weight. We have worked on his running technique to make it more efficient and also on his nutrition to fire up his own fat burning furnace.

Greg is an inspiration to us all but especially others trying make similar improvements to their lives ands he proves that anything and everything is possible.

Check out his blog at - this could be just what you need to kick start your own exercise and nutrition program and to follow in Greg's ever decreasing footsteps.