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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Barefoot Health and Safety

As a barefoot running coach and an advocate of a healthy barefoot lifestyle, it's always difficult when the old health and safety issue rears it's oddly shaped head.

But strangely ironic to be told that I can't be barefoot unless actually case something falls off a shelf and lands on my foot, actually breaking it in the process. Or worse still I might stand on a nail. I guess some light canvas shoes would protect my foot in the case of a heavy weight dropping from a height? No, didn't think so.

At least I have to admit that a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes with their patented puncture resistant sole would hopefully save my poor foot from a sharp nail which I so often encounter on my travels. Next it'll be hyper dermic needles at every bus stop.

The trouble is that now I have been made aware of the possibility of heavy objects falling out of the sky and sharp, dangerous protrusions lurking at every turn, I am really very concerned about my other extremities.

I seriously think I should be wearing a safety helmet at all times, safety glasses (never know, a window might smash) and a pair of kevlar safety gloves to avoid cutting my hands on razors.

Gloves will also prevent the daily risk of catching diseases when I shake the hands of random customers.

There you go VIVOBAREFOOT, there's definitely a market for industrial steel toe-capped barefoot boots - or maybe a fully body barefoot suit...built to withstand a nuclear attack of course!

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