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Friday, 1 June 2012


This week I had the pleasure of coaching Lisa Picton, long distance triathlete - see what she had to say about the session:

Elite Triathlete Testimonial - LISA PICTON

Jonno delivered a brilliant session which was well structured to provide a full theoretical and practical overview of the barefoot running technique. 

The session included an explanation of the history and theory behind barefoot running; an analysis of current running technique; a series of flexibility/ self-massage and proprioception exercises to identify areas of weakness to work on; and all of this culminated into a first attempt at the barefoot running technique, followed by analysis and comparison.  

The analysis included video footage taken from different angles and this enabled Jonno to provide immediate feedback on the form achieved and highlight any areas to work on.

Jonno’s belief and passion for this style of running is clear in his explanations and demonstrations during the coaching session.  He certainly leads by example and the strength and flexibility that he has developed in his feet, the ‘foundations of the body’,  are certainly something to aspire to and are evidence of how this technique can benefit runners in their training, on race day and in their everyday lives.

Lisa Picton 29/05/12

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