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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Elite Athlete Testimonial - Cassie Patten

Cassie Patten is an Olympic Bronze medallist in the 10km swim and won silver at the World Champs too - having retired from competitive swimming she has recently announced her intension to turn her focus to Triathlon, particularly Ironman. 

Obviously her swimming is amazing so she should be first out of the water but that's where the work begins as Cassie has spent her life swimming with limited biking and running. 

As we know, technique is everything and I was only too pleased to be able to help Cassie with her running form which once perfected will give her an efficient and effective run off the bike.

We will be working all winter on technique but this is what Cassie had to say after our initial session:

'I have been a competitive swimmer my whole life until injury forced me into retirement and onto dry land. I wanted to take up running to stay fit, but due to poor running technique I  kept suffering injuries. I was recommended that I visit a running coach by a friend who competes in Ironman so I contacted Jonno and had my running assessed and filmed. Watching it back I was amazed how heavy footed and laboured it was. After an hour of drills and skills I was filmed again and it looked like a different person. In fact I looked and felt like I was running like a rhino at the beginning of the session - after which I was transformed into a gazelle! I am now planning to compete at Triathlons myself and I highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their running to contact Jonno for their own running transformation.'

Watch this space for regular updates!

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