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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What Type of Runner are you?

Barefoot? Forefoot? Midfoot? Natural? Minimalist?

Call it what you want but the fact is there is only one correct method and that's the way we are designed to run.

The main point is that we are NOT meant to heel strike!

So there it is, if you are a heel striker then your technique is incorrect and will be causing injury as well as preventing you from reaching your running potential.

If you do not heel strike then you are still not necessarily running as well as you could and still open to injury because any type of shoe will interfere with your proprioceptive sensors and therefore alter your natural running technique.

And remember, TECHNIQUE IS KING!

Running is a skill and the technique can be both taught and learned - however you think you run and whatever you want to call it, the best way is the most efficient way and that's the way we were designed to run naturally, as if we were barefoot; either totally barefoot or in a barefoot or minimal shoe but definitely not heel striking!

Have your technique analysed now, enjoy your running!


  1. Hi Jonno, thanks for a great TRC session on Saturday, we were all really impressed and I'm sure will be back for more!

    Andy has written a review on our website and will bring it up at the club meet this evening too :)

    Look forward to meeting you again soon!

    Stephie, Truro Running Club

  2. Hi Stephie,

    Awesome review, thanks so much!

    Looking forward to seeing you all again soon for the coaching clinic :)