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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Latest Client Feedback

Hi Jonno,

Just wanted to thank you for for barefoot clinic and share my experience with everyone else!

I've been running for about 2 years now and also just started triathlons (I'm a late developer, I hated school sports). About 6 months ago I heard about barefoot running after visiting a physio but had no idea how to actually do it. I spend a lot of time barefooted at home so naively assumed I'd be fine running barefoot so off I went.

One of the recent local races was on the beach so I thought "here's my chance for my first barefoot race". I did ok, I came 10th overall but this was entirely a product of pigheaded resilience and nothing to do with correct technique. Needless to say I was in pain for the whole of the next week which wrecked any further training.

I met Jonno before the race when he commented on my bare feet and explained he was a coach. After talking to him at the end of the race I booked in for his analysis clinic which we split over 2 seperate days (wrecked calfs prevented completing it on day one).

You'll be astounded, I certainly was! After the first video analysis I was ready to quit running altogether, in trainers I wasn't even a particularly efficient heal striker let alone a pro barefoot runner! Thirty minutes later and after several stretches, drills and a clear explanation about biomechanics the person on the second video was unrecognisable from the first. By the end of the second session I was much happier about what my body was trying to achieve and could replicate most of it most of the time.

It's maybe a big ask to completely change your running style in a few hours and expect to be able to do it straight away but its worth sticking with. I now notice a big change in my efficiency even if I do now have to think what I'm doing with my legs but that will soon change with a bit more practice. I'm looking forward to next season when things become automatic again having had a winter to practice the new technique.

I think if you want to make the transition to barefoot running then this clinic is a must. Running in bare feet and barefoot running are two very different things and as an unskilled barefoot runner (like I was at the beach race) you're likely to do yourself more harm than you are to gain any of the reduced injury benefits you will have heard of about barefoot running.

The Vivobarefoot shoes are also excellent, they look good and the transition to them from your 'normal' heavily cushioned, arch supported shoes isn't anywhere near as difficult as you might think.

Thanks again,


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