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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Running Injury?

For two years, since starting to train for triathlons, I had recurring calf problems. I call them cramps but they could be more spasmodic and very painful and sometimes just annoying aches. Sometimes it was the gastroc and sometimes soleus. But there was always a problem.

I visited several sports therapists, had my running gait analysed, changed my running shoes and had calf massages every week.

Everyone had a different opinion as to what my problem was - reasons ranged from too much snowboarding and thus oversized medial gastroc, to too long a big toe or mis-firing glutes!

I spent a lot of money for all that advice and many times wanted to quit running. But I loved triathlons and was getting good results, despite having to hobble round many events.

Then finally I met Lee Saxby. Lee is the world's best barefoot running coach and after a couple of hours under his watchful eye I learned that my technique was completely messed up and that is why I had calf injuries. By the end of the session I was running with a comfortable and efficient technique - since then I have been totally injury free with zero calf problems!

I am now also a VivoBarefoot Certified Coach, having been taught by the best in business. Running is a natural form of human locomotion and we should all be able to enjoy it fully without injury - invest in a clinic with the Barefoot Running Coach and run for life.

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