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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Why Barefoot?

I'm asked all the time, "Why barefoot? Surely it hurts?"

The human foot is designed to be bare so in theory no it doesn't hurt. Of course decades of being encased in a shoe means that most feet are not hardy enough to run around on pavements and trails. In time they would adapt no problem but Barefoot Running isn't all about being barefoot - just throwing away your shoes and running is not sensible nor practical.

Barefoot running is about the technique and this can be perfected wearing barefoot shoes - ie shoes that allow the foot to behave as though it were bare.

Barefoot Running Coach is not about baring your sole and joining the hippie nation - instead we are offering you a lifetime of efficient running, fewer injuries and enjoyable running, either barefoot or in barefoot shoes.

So yes, that's why we are 'Barefoot'!

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