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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Elite Triathlete Coaching Testimonial


Having now competed in triathlons for several years at a very high level I was quite skeptical going into my session on barefoot running with Jonno. I did not know much about it and had not heard any talk about barefoot running in the higher ranks of elite triathlon.

But after only a short time with Jonno I was utterly on board, it just makes so much sense. It is the basic fundamentals of our anatomy to run this way. Evidence is just fact and a massive prevention of injury.

I've seen Jonno a couple of times now I definitely think this will improve my running style and slash those times to pieces. I will be working on this in my preparations for my 2012 triathlon season.

This will aid the weaker runners massively and help the good runners immensely. In summary this is the way to go, this is a change to running future.

Neil Eddy, Elite Triathlete and Local PE teacher

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