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Friday, 6 January 2012

Foot and shoe Hygiene

What's more hygienic, your feet or your shoes?

Interesting question - try going to your local supermarket for example and you will be told that you cannot enter barefoot as it's unhygienic - you must wear shoes.

Ordinarily I don't touch the food with my feet so I'm not sure what my feet have to do with anything - plus I tend to wash my feet at least once a day whereas I don't think I have ever washed the soles of my shoes!

On the flip side, I was at my local swimming pool today and as you enter the changing area there is a big sign that declares, "In the interests of hygiene, no footwear to be worn beyond this point'.

So come on world, which one is it?!

Which is more hygienic, shoes or feet?

At the end of the day, no doubt entering a shop or a restaurant barefoot has little to do with hygiene and more to do with cultural expectations.

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