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Friday, 13 January 2012

Latest Client Testimonial

Barefoot Testimonial

I had been running for six months, five of those were in the most expensive pair of Nike shoes I could afford and for four of those months my legs hurt like hell.

I eventually went to see a local sports masseur for help, as I could barely walk. He pointed out it was the way I was running, my shoes, my posture - basically I was running wrong.

He put me in touch with Jonno and told me about barefoot running - at first I thought he was joking, who would want to run barefoot?

But I thought I would try anything to stop my legs hurting.

Jonno's barefoot clinic was BRILLIANT!

At the end of the two hour clinic I was a barefoot runner and my Nikes went straight in the bin. I have spent the past month working on my technique, only running two miles at a time, using the micro skills Jonno taught me in his clinic, but the improvement in my posture and fitness is AMAZING!

I mapped out a 5 mile run for Wednesday night, further than I've ever run, I was surprised how easy it was and I had NO PAIN afterwards. Result!

Thanks, Andrew.

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