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Monday, 2 January 2012



Having trouble getting inspired to train? Need encouragement to improve your nutrition? Surrounded by bad influences?

A great way to improve any aspect of your life is to surround yourself with likeminded people that will enhance your life and lead you down the right track.

But what if you don't know any such people?

Granted it can be difficult to go against the flow and be regarded as a fitness freak by the general population - so you need back up, you need to know that actually it's the unhealthy and unfit that are the freaks.

Well thanks to the internet and specifically Twitter, you can now follow all the likeminded people that you can find, all across the world, at any time. You can be inspired by the pro's, the elites, the passionate and the enthusiastic. Anytime you need to gentle nudge to get out the door on a wet and cold winter's day all you need is to read what the likes of Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong), Chrissie Wellington (@chrissiesmiles), Chris McCormack (@MaccaNow), Paula Radcliffe (@paulajradcliffe) and Mark Cavendish (@MarkCavandish) are up to. They might be professionals and they might be naturally talented but the amount of training they put in is phenomenal - just imagine how fast, fit, healthy and (insert personal goal here) you could be by putting in even a small percentage of their effort!

So to answer those that say they can't find any likeminded people to train with - get the next best thing...get inspired online, it's virtually guaranteed to work!

(and in the process you will probably find virtually all the other likeminded people near you...)


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