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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Running Technique

Whether you advocate being barefoot in all walks of life or sometimes barefoot and the rest of the time in a barefoot shoe, technique is still the key factor.

And more often than not it's the missing link preventing us from walking and running at our most efficient level.

A lifetime of having our feet restricted by tight and supportive shoes means that we both walk and run incorrectly - we are so used to operating this way that just taking our shoes of is not going to automatically correct our gait. Sure it will help but the number of people out there still complaining of injuries proves the point.

For example if you are a heavy heel striker in cushioned running shoes, just taking them off and running barefoot or in a barefoot shoe can result in further injuries unless your technique is biomechanically correct.

So take a huge step in the right direction and have a session with a VivoBarefoot Certified Technique Coach.

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